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Meles Zenawi Net Worth = $3 Billion

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, public ...
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, public domain image from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is to be recalled that Azeb Mesfine, mother of corruption, and widow of the former prime minister of Ethiopia has been openly and publically denying that the Meles family had nothing in their personal bank account. However, according to Celebritynetworth, organization that traces and exposes the official properties of political and other celebrities, Meles Zenawi’s networth is $3 Billion. This amount is a fraction of the resources that Meles looted from peoples of Ethiopia, particularly from Oromo People. The above figure does not include the networth of Azeb Mesfin (Mother of Corruption) & family. One can imagine how much money the TPLF gangesters had been accumulating in different official and secret accounts while millions are suffering from poverty and lack of food in Ethiopian empire.




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