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It is enough! We do not need someone far from Abyssinia to come and implement the oppressive and arrogant policies on our land!

Tibebu Demeke from Hof, Germany

In the eyes of any country in the world, Ethiopia looks and is considered as one unit, but for almost one and  half  century  it  has never integrated all of its regions, nations and nationalities  into one political community with equality and justice. North Ethiopia or traditionally called the Abyssinia has for long  till now controlled the socio-political & economic power in the North as well as in the South which consists of regions conquered by the rulers of the North in the late 19th century. Since the South was a conquered and subjugated region, its land was divided among the heads of state and superiority of the North and owned by them until the late 1970′s till 1974 Revolution made land property of the state.  As the system before the Revolution was feudalism, farmers in the South owned neither the farmlands nor the products of the farmlands; called the Gebbar (Serfdom) System. The landlords owned the outputs of farmers as well as the farmlands. And no such land system existed in the North, where farmers owned their farmlands and their products as well.

Although from 1974 till 1991( during the military junta) a uniform land system was put in place across all regions in Ethiopia and the regime successfully abolished  colonial land tenures  of Abyssinian monarchic regime  through the  socialist revolution of Ethiopia , the regime became the absolute owner of the land and  was   not  ready  to  respond  for the  political  quest  of  self-determination  rights of  colonized  peoples  of Oromia, Eretria,  and  other Southern  Ethiopia positively,  rather continued  dictating  the  colonial empire of socialist Abyssinia for 17 years  through  civil wars.  And now almost from 1991 on  during the TPLF regime we notice the reemergence of the North-South divide about land ownership & management system just like the one which existed in the year 1889 – 1974 /during the Imperial regime /.  Instead of having a uniform land ownership and management system, the current regime which hails from the North has launched a Green Revolution in the North where land is owned and managed by the farmers themselves while vast hectares of prime farmlands are being sold to foreign governments and international companies in the South. This practice is commonly known as’’ land grabbing’’. (The Evil Strategies of Land Grabbing in the Southern Part of Ethiopia, By Assefa  Getachew E-mail: assefageta@yahoo.com)

Land grabbing is defined as the snatching of land by  a  nation,  state,  or  organization,  especially  illegally  or unfairly  (Dictionary.com),  this definition mainly reflects land use policies of direct colonization of a nation or a  country  by  cover  of  civilization; however  the  following  definition  is  a  reflection of  indirect  colonization  through  politics of  global  economy. The most common definition of global land grabbing refers to large scale land acquisition be it purchase or lease for agricultural production by foreign investors (Daniel and Mittal, 2009).  It is a new form of agricultural neo-colonialism. The term land grabbing is therefore to depict on one hand, the colonial character of land acquisition by foreigners and on the other hand the illegitimacy and illegality of the practice. By forcing and evicting the Oromo farmers, huge plots of land was already sold to foreign investors and Ethiopian highlanders having close connection to the ruling political party. But the fact is that Land in Oromia belongs to the Oromo people and it is only the Oromo people that should make the decision rather than someone from far away as Tigray to give away the Oromo lands.

The current regime has sold out several million hectares of fertile land to the foreigner investors after forcedly displacing Oromo farmers from their ancestral land. This grabbing of land ended the indigenous people without shelter and foods. The government is saying that the land given to investors is bare or grazing land but here I am personally a witness for this and other related issues, I am an agronomist, Horticulture department who had been working as a supervisor in one of those rose production farms, other than that I had a lot of agronomist friends working on the same sector in different parts of Oromia and had a good access of getting information about the ongoing issues all over the Oromia region.  I made a close contact with different Guards of different farms especially where I have been working, and they used to tell me the whole details of their ancestral lands which they were producing huge amount of Teff, wheat, barley and other related crops but now they are ended without land and they are merely guards paid from 35-45 dollars a month which cannot feed their children, fail even to full fill the necessary teaching materials of their elementary class students. This displacement of the Oromo people accompanied by limitless human right violations set the Oromo to be the vast number of immigrants in the horn of Africa too. http://farmlandgrab.org/cat/show/116

Those who protest are being targeted for arrest, torture and finally exposed for the extra –judicial killings. Journalists and human rights advocating in Ethiopia who speak out against these abuses are silenced or exiled. Giving such large plots of land to private investors exposes the Oromo people to aggravated poverty, expands serious food insecurity, restricts their free movement with large cattle as they used to do in the past, intensifies conflict, degrades ecosystem and advances violation of human rights. The evicted Oromo farmers will later be going to the towns and start begging for the survival, or be employed as cheap guards and day-laborers to work day and night on their own lands without owning the outputs, similar to the feudal system of the Ethiopia before 1974. On top of that, the environment in the South will degrade as heavy usages of agricultural additives spill into ground waters, and that has a big risk for the cattle’s and people in general, it is a very serious issue now a days, as an example in central Oromia thousands of people and their livestock died due to the industrial pollution directly released to rivers and lakes http://oromialandinfo.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/.

Unlike the Green Revolution in Tigray, the goal of the Land Grabbing generally in South and particularly in Oromia is not to avoid famine, but to export all of the grains out of the food-strapped Ethiopia so that the rulers can get foreign currency in return – similar to other export cash crops, such as coffee, chat and others. Thus Successive Ethiopian regimes coming out of Abyssinia and controlling the whole political and socio-economic power developed arrogant discriminations that mainly targeted the Oromo people. This trend apparently observed among, both the past and current, Ethiopian regimes and partners. Since the current regime is reassuring the subjugation, disregarding and repression policy of the old regime. And the TPLF regime strategically manipulates insecurity and instability to achieve the hidden objective of damaging the livelihood assets of the Oromo peoples.  Therefore land grabbing by TPLF regime for global investors is nothing to do with improvement of subsistence livelihoods of rural communities of the Oromo people  rather  it is Ethiopia’s deliberate policies of forced relocation, discrimination, repression, and as it is explained environmental devastated are enabled, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11991926 .

Generally it needs our all group and individual involvement in the Oromo national struggle, if we do that, without any doubt we will liberate and save our land!!

Freedom to the oppressed Oromo nation!!

you can reach this author through the email, tibiyeyoyo@gmail.com


Chaltu as Helen: an everyday story of Oromos traumatic identity change

Oromoland EDnote:

Chaltu ‘s story is the story of thousands of oromos if not millions in the urban areas of the Ethiopian empire. Similar stories can be drawn for example derartu aka tsige, abdisa aka tewodros or kumaye aka legesse. Even though these stories are told in afaan oromo, tesfay’s work is the first of its kind in creating a character in the Amharic language literature. These and other works of tesfaye asserts the barbaric nature of this systematic discrimination perpetuated by the pseudo feudal regimes and the Abyssinia barbaric rule. These kind of stories have a paramount importance to be told as the quest for the freedom of the oromo people is the result of such personal agony. We once again would like to send our deep gratitude to TESFAYE GEBRAABE.

by Tigist Geme

(OPride) – Author and novelist Tesfaye Gebreab released his eighth book “Ye Sidetengaw Mastawesha” – an immigrant’s memoir ­– online, as a free PDF, after an alleged fallout with his publisher, Netsanet Publishing Agency (NPA).

The dramatic decision to distribute the book for free – at an estimated loss of $30,000 – came, according to Tesfaye’s people, after NPA leaked a doctored copy of the book following the author’s refusal to omit two controversial chapters, one of which is about Oromo.

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Habaabileen keenya akaakilee keenyaaf , Biyyaa fi ummata seenaa mataa isaa qabu dhiisanii dabran . akaakileen keenya ammoo,Biyya walabummaa qabdu dhaalee, Biyya gabrummaa jalaatti kufte Abbootii keenyaaf dhaalsise dabre . Abbootiin keenyaa fi dhalooti isaan harkaa fuudhes, waan Abbootii isaanii irraa dhaalan bakkatti deebisuuf qabsoo wal irraa hin cinne gaggeessaahaa jiraatan malee, seenaan waggaa 150 olii, gabrummaa waliif dabarsuudha. Qooqa, aadaa, dudhaa, seenaa gabrummaa jalatti sukkumamu walii dabarsaa har’a geenye jirra.Biyyaa fi Ummati kabajamaan kun garuu har’allee gabrummaa jala jira. Dhalooti har’as , imaanaa abbootii isaa fi akaakilee isaa bakkatti deebisuuf , lubbuu isaa bakka bu’aa hin qabne wareeguuf gama hundaan sochii taasisaa jira.

Ani akkan hubadhutti, seenaan gabrummaa wal dhaalsiisuu kun dhaabbachuu kan dadhabeef, hanqina nuuti hubachuu dadhabne lama irraati natti fakkaata. Inni duraa waan habaabileen keenya Biyya walaboomte keessa isaan jiraachise san kan dhaallee nutti fakkaatu fi nu keessa jira jennu caalaa, waan diinni ittin nu cabsu qaama taasifachuu keenya hubachuu dhabuu yennaa ta’u, inni lammaaffaan, gootummaan habaabilee keenyaa innii haqaa nu keessa waan hin jirreefidha. Ni jenna malee , hojiin nu keessa hin jiru. Kun lameen sirritti nu keessa odoo jiraate, karaa dheeraa kana hin deemnu.Walis hin dhabnu.Walis hin danqinu.

Dhaalmaayaa seenaa wal irraa hin cinnee kana keessa ,Ilmaan Oromoo addatti dhalooti har’aa waan of gaafachuu qabuutu jira.seenaan inni habaabilee isaa irraa dhufaa dabraan dhaale deebisuuf, tattaafachuun akka jirutti ta’ee, ani dhaloota itti aanuuf , Biyyaa fi Ummata gabrummaa keessa jiruun dhaalsiisamoo, Biyya Birmadummaan ishee kabachiifteen dhaalchisa ? jedhanii of gaafachuu qaban.amma yoomitti Biyya gabrummaa fi seenaa gabrummaa dhaloota dhaalsiisaa jiraannaa ? dhaalmaan akkasii yoom dhaabbata ? eenyu irratti dhaabbata ? maaf nu irratti akka dhaabbatuuf wareegama barbaachiftu kafallee seenaa haaraa , Biyya walboomte haaraa hin dhaalsiifnu ? jedhanii of gaafachuu qofaa odoo hin taane , murteeffachuu qabu .

Qabsoon Oromoo adeemsa kanaatti jira miti ?gaaffiin jedhu ka’uu ni mala . garuu akka amma jirruun odoo hin taane, wareegamni Bilisummaa keenyaaf nu barbaachisu salphaa akka hin taane hubatamee , dhalli Oromoo hundumtu bakka jirutti , gabrummaan ana irratti haa dhaabbatu !jedhee kutannoo seena qabeessa murteeffatee, gamtaan ykn tokkummaan diina irratti ka’uun ala furmaatii biro akka hin jirre, sagalee tokkon muteeffachuun murteessaa waan ta’eefidha. Diinni har’a nu dura dhaabbate jiru , kan afaan qawween qofaa nu dura dhaabbate odoo hin taane, baroota keessa eenyummaa fi maalummaa keenya dhabamsiisuuf kan deemu ta’u irraa, nuutis, diina kana dhaabuuf Qawwee baadhachuu qofaa osoo hin taane, sabummaan keenya akka dhabamuuf diinni waan nu irratti hojjatu maraa of irraa qolachuun barbaachisaa ta’uu nu feesisa.

Gama kaaniin, dhalooti jiru hundumtu amma yoomitti seenaa fi qaba ture jennee dubbanna ?jechuun , waan furmaata jedhamee akeekame irratti xiyyeeffannee hojjachuun barbaachisaadha. Aadaan, seenaan, safuun, Afoolli , Maammaaksi kkf, kan abbootii fi akaakilee keenyaa kan dubbannu malee, dhalooti isaan booda jiru, dhaloota boriif maal kaa’ee jira ? jennee of gaaffannee seenaa hojjachuuf ka’uun murteessaadha. Aadaa fi seenaa Ummata kanaan sadarkaa barnootaa addunyaan itti jirtu geenyeerra. Eebbifamnee mindaa fufurdaa arganneerra .garuu waan Ummati kabajamaan kun qabu bakkatti deebisuuf sochiin taasifnu hanqachuu irraa, Biyyuma gabroomte, seenaama gabrummaa dhaalsiisaa jirra. Kun yoom dhaabbata ?eenyutu dhaaba ? gaaffiilee jedhan ofitti fudhannee mooraa qabsoo jabeessinee salphina keessaa ba’uuf hojjachuun barbaachisaadha.

Sabni gabrummaa jala turee fi gabrummaa jibbe, wareegama barbaachisu kafalanii Bilisoomanii , dhaadannoo , gabrummaan nu irratti haa ga’u ! jedhu dhugeessanii , dhaloota itti aanutti seenaa gabrummaa dhaalsisu irraa baraaramanii, Biyya Bilisoomte itti kennanii , seenaa haaraa dhaloota jiru ilaallatu hojjatanii dabran . kun gootummaadha. Nuutiwoo ?seenaa gabrummaa dubbachuu qofa odoo hin taane, dhaabuuf hojiin haa mul’ifnu. Wareegama malee bilisummaan akka hin jirre dhaloota jiru barsiisuu qofaa odoo hin taane, wareegama ba’u sun firii akka argatuf irratti haa hojjannu .nama wareegamaan seenaa jijjiru ta’uuf of haa qopheessinu.

Dhaloota itti aanu seenaa gabrummaa odoo hin taane, ykn gabroomu itti himuu osoo hin taane, akka itti bilisoomu itti himnee fi waliin dhaabbannee, seenaa haaraa hojjannee, Biyya bilisoomte ijoollee keenyaa dhaalsiisuuf haa hojjannu.Oromoon akkas tureen dhaabbate, Oromoon akkasii jechuutti ce’uu qabna.Hojiin siyaasaa dhimma Oromoo ilaallatu irratti hojjatamu qofaa miti, waggoota 50n dhufaniif gaaffiin Oromoo dhaabbachuu akka hin dandeenye ifadha.Gootummaan abbootii keenyaa seenaa qofaa ta’ee himamu hin qabu.Nu keessas seenee hojjachuu qaba. Onnee seenaa fi gootummaa Ummata keenyaa dubbatu qofa odoo hin taane, kan itti seenee seenaa hojjatu fi dhaloota itti aanuuf seenaa haaraa dhaalsiisu ta’uuf dirqama lammummaa haa gumaachinu.

Seenaan Oromiyaa fi Oromoo seenaa addunyaa keessatti akka hin haqamnetti katabameedha.Waggoota 22 dura seenaan Oromiyaa fi Oromoo beeksiisuu wareegama kafalameen lafa qabatee jira. Amma irra deebinee kan dubbannu hin jiru. Akka haaraattis wanni dhalootaaf himnu hin jiru. Biyyaa fi Ummata wareegamaan beekame kanatti iggitii gochuuf , marxifatanii hojjachuu qofaatu nurraa eegama. Seenaan Abbootii keenyaa har’a akka haaraatti dhaloota kanatti himnu kan jiru hin fakkaatu. Waan waltajjiif qofaa itti fayyadamnus miti. Seenaa saba kanaa bakkatti deebisuuf socha’uu qofaatu nurraa eegama. Seenaa dubbachuuf yoo ta’e, jala deemtoonni wayyaanee iyyuu guyyu lallaban.

Amma Bilisummaa Ummata kanaa kabachiisanii dhaloota itti aanu daandii mataa isaa irra akka imalu taasisuuf , hojii qabatamaatu barbaachisa. Dhaloota of gurmeessee lubbuu isaa diina duratti of kennaa jiru kana dhaqqabnee, akka wareegamni isaa firii malee hin hafneef cinaa isaa hiriiru qofaatu , seenaa durii qofaa haasa’aa akka hin hafne nu taasisa. Kana jechuun, seenaa dabre kaasuun hin barbaachisu odoo hin taane, seenaa haaraa galmeesisuutti haa fulleeffanuu jechuufidha.Dhalooti sadii seenaa wal fakkaataa hojjatee dabreera.Gabrummaa wal dhaalsisuu.Dhaloota amma jiru ammo seenaa haaraa hojiin argamu danda’u, harka keenya keessa jiru, hojitti jijjiiruuf haa hojjannu.carraan hegaree keenyaa nu harka jiraachuu eenyullee ragaaf hin waammannu.

Qabsoon walii galaa Oromoon bakka jiru maratti gaggeeffachuu danda’u baafannee tarkaanfachuun barbaachisaadha.Addunyaa kana irratti wanni diinaaf dhiifne teenye ilaallu tokkollee jiraachuu hin qabu. Bilisummaa barbaanna taanaan , Bilisummaan akka itti argamu danda’u  irratti hojjachuutu qoricha. Bilisummaan , Ummata Bilisummaa qabaachaa ture jennee waan dubbanneef jijjiiramu hin danda’u. akkagootoonni keenya , waggoota 150 oliif lubbuu isaanii bakka bu’aa hin qabne akkuma kafalanii dabran nuutis, murtee akkasiin of kakaasu qabna. Seenaan wal fakkaataan yeroo daddabalamu, umama keenya irraa rakkoo qabnaa ?jechuutti nu geessa malee, furmaata biro nu argamsiisuu hin danda’u.seenaan gootummaa abbootiikeenya maaliif yeroo keenyatti hankaake hafa ?

Dhuguma Oromummaa habaabilee keenyaa dhaallerraa ?aadaa, qooqa , safuu dhaalle ykn dhaloota itti aanutti dabree jennawoo, waan dhaalle kun waan nurraa eegu maaf hin gumaachinu ? Oromummaa dhaallee ittin boonaa jirra yoo ta’e, Gootummaa Oromummaa kabachiisu maaf hin dhaalle ?Gootummaan abbootii keenya dhugumatti nu keessa jiraa ? yoo jiraate, diina golatti nu seene huunee waliin kan hin duuneef maali ? mallattoon gootummaa kanawoo ???????ijoollee ofii mana hidhaa keessaa reeffa guuruun gootummaa ta’u hin danda’u. salphina malee.

Dhalli Oromoo hundumtu seenaa gabrummaa fi Biyya gabrummaa jala jirtu hin dhaalsifnu jedhee bakka jirutti socha’uu qaba. Seenaa keenya keessatti akaakilee keenya gootummaan kan dhaadheessinu ta’uun qofti bu’aa hin qabu. Nuuti akka isaanii ta’uu hafuun keenya, hanqina ykn qaawwaa seenaa uumaa jiraachuu keenya beeku nu barbaachisa. Gootummaan sun maaf akaakilee keenya qofa irratti dhaabbata ?maaf natti hin ceene ? dhiiga hankaakeen dhaladhee ? jedhanii of gafachuun dansaadha.  Abbootiin keenya, gabrummaa dhaabuuf wareegaman malee , seenaa gabrummaa dubbachuuf hin wareegamne. Warri har’a cichoominaan itii jiranis kanuma. Kanaaf, seenaa gootummaa abbootii keenyaa bakkatti deebisuuf haa hojjannu .gootummaan saba keenyaa nu irra ga’ee maaliif dhaabbate ? mammaaksaa fi afolli akaakilee keenyaa qofaa dubbachuun dhaabbatee, dhalooti har’as mammaaksa bara kana keessaa uumee dhalota boriif dabarsuu qaba. Dandeettin isaanii sun  maaf nutti hin ceene ? maaf seenaa isaanii qofaa kan dubbannu taane hafne ? hundu of gaafate gaaffii seenaa jalaa of baasuuf haa hojjatu.

Abbootiin keenya Bilisummaan dhiiga malee akka hin argamne hubatanii of laatan. Nuutiwoo? mammaaksa isaanii fi dhaadannoo isaanii qofaa katabnee ykn dubbannee Bilisummaa argachuu dandeenyaa ? kun mataan isaa seenaa hanqina qalbii keessatti galmaa’a . kanaaf Bilisummaa qofa dubbanne eessallee akka hin geenye hubannee , Bilisummaan waan nu gaaffattu keessaa amma tokko gumaachuuf haa murannu. Seenaa haaraa haa hojjannu .amma yoomitti abbootiin keenya jennee hafna ? seenaan qabsoo Oromoo gootummaan beekamu, gootummaan isaa dhaloota kanaan mirkanaa’ee Biyya walaboomtee fi ummata bilisoome dhaloota haaraa haa dhaalsifnu.dhalootii kun seenaa haaraaf haa socha’u. Biyyoonni ykn saboonni seenaa isaanii waggoota 400 fi 150 deeffatanii nu irratti dhaadachaa fi burraaqaa jiran. Nuuti woo ?isaan seenaa abbootii isaanii dubbachuun qofa  hin hafne . hojiin argisiisanii , seenaa abbootii isaanii gabrummaa nu irratti gadi jabeessan. Nuutiwoo ?gabroomu qofaaf umamne ? moo abbooti keenyatti ba’uu dhabnee , gabrummaa of irratti kunuunsina ? gootummaan isaanii ,maaf bara keenya hankaake ? of haa gaafannu.

Xiinxala Haala Gaanfa Afrikaa



Xiinxala Haala Gaanfa Afrikaa

Wednesday, August 21, 20

Xiinxala Haala Gaanfa Afrikaa – Haala siyaasa Gaanfa Afirkaa hubachuuf akka ta’utti barruu qophaawe.

Godinaan Gaanfa Afrikaa jedhamee beekamu Sudan, Sudan Kibbaa, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia hafee fi Itophiyaa hammata. Boodana keessa Kenya fi Ugandas itti dabaluun ni jira. Garuu xiinxala keenya kanaaf jara boodanaa lamaan dabaluun faayidaa waan hin qabneef Gaanfa Afrika akka duraan beekamutti fudhanna. Godinaan kun Gaanfa warseessaa waan fakkaatuuf Gaanfa Afrikaa jedhamee mogGaanfame. Godinaa kana haallan walitti hidhan danduu dha. Keessattuu haalli politikaa biyyoota kanneen keessaa tokko keessatti dhalatu warra hafanis ni tuttuqa. Caalaatti ammoo wanti biyyoota ollaa isee keessatti dhalatu Itophiyaa ni tuttuqa. Sababni isaas ifaa dha. Itophiyaan walakkeessa Gaanfa Afrikaatti waan argamtuuf biyyoota hafan hundaa ni daangessiti. Dabalees sabootni naannoo daangaa iseetti argamanis biyyoota ollaa keessas ni jiraatu. Affaarotni Eritrea fi Djibouti keessatti ni argamu. Ummatni afaan Tigrinyaa dubbatu Eritrea keessas jira. Warri afaan Somaali dubbatus Djibouti, Somaliland, fi Somalia hafe keessatti ni argamu. Anyuwak fi Nuer akkasumas Sudan Kibbaa keessatti ni argamu. Waan ta’eef, haalli Itophiyaa keessatti dhalatu biyyoota ollaattis cehuun ni mala. Akkasumas haalli biyyoota ollaa isee keessatti dhalatus Itophiyaa tuttuquu danda’a.Akkuma Itophiyaan walakkeessa Gaanfa Afrikaatti argamtu, Oromiyaanis walakeessa Itophiyaatti argama. Sababa kanaafis, Oromiyaan qubsuma saboota Itophiyaa wayyaba wajjin daanga qaba. Waan ta’eef, haalli saboota kanneen keessatti dhalatu Oromoos tuttuquu danda’a. Kanaaf, waa’ee politikaa Itophiyaa oggaa yaadnu, kan Gaanfa Afrikaas ilaalcha keessa galchuudhaaf dirqamna. Akkasumas, waa’ee politikaa Oromoo oggaa yaadnu kan saboota ollaa isaas ilaalcha keessa galchuun dirqii ta’a. Dabalees, ilmaan saboota Itophiyaa keessa jiraatanii kan Oromia keessa hin jiraanne jira hin fakkaatu. Waan ta’eef, saboota Itophiyaa keessa jiraatan keessaa kan waa’ee hegeree Oromoo irraa yaaddoo hin qabne jira hin fakkaatu. Oromoonis akkasuma hegeree saboota hafanii irratti ejjennaa ifaa fi qajeelaa qabaachuun dirqii dha. Xiinxalli kun hundee yaada akkasii akeekuudhaaf carraaqa.
Xiinxala kana keessatti haallan biyyootaa fi ummatoota Gaanfa Afrikaa walitti hidhan walhubachiisuudhaaf carraaqna. Akkaataan biyyootiin godinaa kanaa itti dhalatan kan walitti isaan hidhu ta’uu walhubachiifna. Dhibdeen biyya tokko keessatti dhalatu amala biyyoota hafanis tuttuquu akka qabu ilaalla. Hegereen sabootaa biyyoota godinaa kanaa addatti ilaalamuu akka hin danda’amne hubanna. Akkaataa Biyyotni Gaanfa Afrikaa Itti Dhalatan.

Gaanfa Afrikaa godinoota Afrikaa hafan irraa wanti adda isa taasisu kan duraa naannoo kana irratti empayerummaa ijaarrachuudhaaf humni kajeelee kan alaa dhufe qofa osoo hin taane, keessa isaatiis kan madde jiraachuu dha. Naannoo Gaanfa Afrikaa guutummaa isaa irratti empayera ijaarrachuudhaaf kan humni hunda dursee sosso’e Masir (Egypt) ta’uu yaadachuun gaarii dha. Masir irra guddaa lafa Sudan eega dhuunfatee booda, qarqara Eritreas seenuu fi Zayilas dhuunfatee bahaa Oromiyaa seenuudhaan Harar booji’e. Kajeellaan Masir kun kan Habashootni qabaniin walfaallomsuu jalqabe. Habashootni, dura hogganummaa Yohannis jalatti booda kan Minilik jalatti, naannoo Masir dhuunfachuu kajeelaa turte kana kaadhimachaa turan. Kunis walitti bu’iinsa humnoota lamaanii dirqii taasise. Humni Masir yeroo lama humna Yohannis wajjin wal lolee injifatame.

Lola Habashaa wajjinii kana geggeesuudhaaf, mootummaan Masir Sudan irratti karaxa guddisuudhaaf dirqame. Kun ammoo fincila Mohammed Ahmed (kan Madhi of moggaase) qabsiise. Fincilli Mahdiidhaan hogganamuu kun yeroo gabaabaa keessatti humna Masir irratti injifannoo gonfatee Sudan keessaa baase. Dhiibbaa dhalate kana irraahis, Masir humna isee Eritrea, Zayilaa fi Harar ture dhachaasuudhaaf dirqamte. Yeroo duraatiif haalli Godinaa Gaanfa Afrikaa keessaa naannoo tokkotti dhalatuu naannoo hafanis tuquu akka danda’u mirkanaawe. Kunis hanga guyyaa har’aatti itti fufee jira.

Yeroo kun ta’aa turetti Godinaan Gaanfa Afrikaa tarsimaawaa ta’uu isaa irraa humnoota Awropaatiinis guddaa kajeelamaa ture. Waan godinicha tarsimaawaa keessaa inni guddaan saaqamuu kanala Suezi (Suez cannal). Sana irraa eegalee hanga guyyaa har’aatti Garbi Diimaan tarsimaawaa ta’ee jiraata. Sababa kanaaf, humnoonni Awropaa sadii naannoo kanatti kolonii qabaachuudhaaf wal dorgomuu jalqabu. Isaanis:Brixaniyaa, Faransaa fi Xaliyaanii dha. Jarri kun hundi naannoo Gaanfa Afrikaa guutummaa dhuunfachuudhaaf kajeelu turan. Kanaaf akka karaa isaaniif saaquuf naannoo adda addaa dhuunfachuu jalqaban. Xaliyaaniin, akkuma humni Masir Eriterea lakkiseen, bakka isaa buutee naannoo Massawaa dhuunfatte. Dabalees, Banadiris (naannoo Mogadishoo) dhuunfatte. Dachee bakka kanneen lamaan gidduu jiru guutummaa dhuunfachuudhaafis akeekkatte. Faransaanis Djibouti har’aa qabachuudhaan achi irraa hanga Atlantikitti dhuunfachuudhaaf akeekkatte.

Yeroodhuma kanatti Godinicha keessaa humni ka’aa jiru, kan Habashootaa, naannoo warri Awropaa kajeelaa turan kana hundaa dhuunfachuudhaaf yaadaa turan. Dura Yohannis jalatti boodas Minilik jalatti yaada akkasii labsaa turan. Humnootii Awropaa kanneen hunda keessaa kan dheebuu dachee guddaa qabaachaa turte Xaliyaanii dha. Kan duubaa isee jajjabeesaa ture ammoo Brixaniyaa dha. Brixaniyaan kan kana gochaa turteef, masaanuu isee, Faransaa, hubuudhaaf ture. Oggaa kana irraa kaanee ilaallu lafti humnootiin hundi qabatanii yeroodhaaf qofa ture. Achi irraa ka’anii godinicha guutummaa dhuunfachuudhaaf akeekkatu turan. Moototni Habashaa biyya of harkaa qaban qofa osoo hin taanee lafa hanga Garba Hindii gahuu hundaa kaadhimachaa turan. Akkuma duran jedhame, Xaliyaaniinis lafa Eritrea fi Banadir gidduu jiru hundaa dhuunfachuu kajeelti turte. Faransaanis Djibouti irraa ka’uudhaan irra guddaa naannoo Habashootni fi Xaliyaanin kajeelanii kana hundaa dhuunfachuudhaaf kajeelti turte. Hundi isaaniituu lafti of harkaa qaban akka gahaa hin taane amanu turan. Haalli kun hanga guyyaa har’aatti itti fufee jira. Kanatti booda itti deebina.

Lola Keessaa fi Alaa

Yeroodhuma kanatti amalli hanga har’aa jiru tokko of mul’isuu eegalee. Sunis dorgommiin keessaa fi alaa waldeggeruu isaa ti. Kanas hubachuudhaaf waan Yohannis fi Minilik gidduutti ta’aa ture walyaadachiisuun ni gaha. Oggaa Xaliyaaniin qarqara Eritrea dhuunfachuu jalqabdetti mootiin Habashootaa Yohannis ture. Kajeellaan Xaaliyaaniin lafa Massawaa fi Banadir gidduu jiru dhuunfachuudhaaf qabdu Yohannis fi isee gidduutti lolli kan hafne taasise. Yeroo kanatti Minilik fira Xaliyaanii ta’ee gargaarsa irraa argachaa ture. Diina keessaa injifachuudhaaf diina alagaa firoomfachuun akkasitti jalqabee hanga guyyaa har’aa gahe. Yohannis yeroo tokko Xaliyaanii, yeroo kaanis Darbushoota Sudanii oggaa lolaa ture, Minilik yoo xiqqaatee itti dirmachuu irraa of qusataa ture. Kana bira dabree Xaliyaanii firoomfachaa ture. Yohannis, lola addaan hin citne geggeessaa jiraatee, dhuma irratti humna Darbushotaatiin galaafatame. Akkuma kun ta’een meeshaa waraanaa Xaliyaaniifaa irraa argachaa turetti fayyadamee Minilik mootummaa Habashaa dhuunfata. Yeroo kanatti ture kan Xaliyaniin baddaa baatee kolonii Eritrea jedhamuu bu’ureffachuu isee labsite.
Xaliyaaniin lafa Eritrea fi Banadir gidduu jiru dhuunfachuudhaaf kajeelaa akka turte olitti tuqnee jirra. Kanas yoo barbaachisee loltee Minilik injifachuudhaan yokin sossobbachuudhaan hojii irra oolchuu yaaddi ture. Dura sossobbachuudhaaf jecha Walta’iinsa tokko Wucaalee bakka jedhamutti wajjin mallatteessite. Walta’iinsi kun afaan Amaaraa fi Xaliyaaniitiin barreeffame. Akka inni afaan Xaliyaaniitiin barreffame ibsutti, Xaliyaaniin waan hariiroo diplomasy ilaaluu irratti bakka Itophiyaa buutee dubbachuu akka dandeessu ibsa. Jechuun empayerri Minilik Protectorate Xaliyaanii akka taate ibsa. Kan afaan Amaaraatiin barreeffame irra kun akkasitti hin kaa’amne ture. Kunis Xaliyanii fi Minilik gidduutti waldhabbii uume. Waldhabbiin ho’aa adeemee lolli akka hin hafne beekamaa ta’e.
Yeroo kanatti kan Minilik firoomfatee akeeka Xaliyanii kana fashalsiisuu irratti hojjachuu jalqabe Faransaa ture. Faransaan ofiif qofa osoo hin taane, Russiallee dabalattee Minilikiin hidhachiisuu irratti bobbaate. Meeshaan Minilik haala kanaan argachaa tures Lola Adwaa irratti akka inni Xaliyan injifatu taasise. Kun ta’uun koloneeffatotaa Awropa guddaa rifachiise. Injifannoon kun ummatoota Afrikaa hafanis hamilchiisuutu mala jedhanii yaadda’an. Keessattuu Brixaniyaa guddaa rifachiise. Lolli Adwaa akka dhumateen Brixaniyaan humna Darbushotaatti duultee Sudan deebiftee dhuunfachuudhaaf murteessite. Dabalees, Minilikitti nama erguudhaan akka empayera isaa beektu hubachiisudhaan damboobsite. Dorgommiin humnoota Awropaa gidduutti yeroo kanatti deemaa ture empayera Itophiyaa waaraa taasisuudhaaf sababa jabaa ta’e. Kanatu empayericha jiraachise malee humnoota Afrikaa hafan caalaa Habashootni jagnaa fi walqabataa ta’anii miti. Har’as empayericha jirachiisuudhaaf qoodni humnoota Dhihaa murteessaa dha.
Yeroo kanatti Xaliyaniin kolonii lama qabdi: Isaanis Eritrea fi Italian Somaliland. Brixaniyaan Sudan fi British Somaliland koloneeffatte. Faransaan kolonii bicuu French Somaliland jedhamtutti ittifamtee hafte. Gannoota 1950a keessa kolonii kun garii walabummaa gonfachuu jalqabu. Dura kan walaba bahee Sudanii dha. Hafurri bilisummaa kun empayera Itophiyaa guddaa yaaddesse. Sabootni koloniiwwan kanneen keessatti argaman empayericha keessattis ni argamu. Kanaaf, hafuurri bilisummaa salphatti empayericha keessattis bubbisuu akka malu ifaa ture. Kana hanqisuudhaaf, mootummaan Hayila Sillaasee kolonii kannen garii dhuunfachuudhaaf tattaaffii jalqaba. Eritrea gargaarsa USAtiin dhuunfachuu irratti milkaawa. Garuu biyya Somalotaa dhuunfachuu irratti hin milkaawin hafe.
Bal’achuu fi Dhiphachuu Biyyootaa
Kun hanqachuun yaaddoon mootummichaa akka dhugoomu taasise. Somalonni Brixaniyaa fi Xaliyaniidhaan koloneeffatamanii turan akkuma walabummaa isaanii gonfataniin tokkoomanii naannoo Gaanfa Afrikaa Somaloonni irra qubatan hundaa dhuunfachuudhaaf akeeka akka qaban labsan. Kanaaf, Somalian yoo Djibouti, Baha Empayera Itophiyaa fi Kaabaa Kenya hin dhuunfatin h’ir’uu taatee akka haftu walhubachiisan.
Sabni Somalee hundi biyya tokko jalatti dhuunfatamuu akka qabu amanan. Kana guuttachuudhaafis, lafa-babal’ifachuu akeeka taasifatan. Oggaa Somalonni babal’ifannaa lafaa kana kajeelaa turanitti Sabni Somaliyaa keessatti argamu tokko ammoo bulchiinsa Somalotaa jalatti kufuu irraa yaaddoo qaba ture. Sunis ummata Rahanweyn ture. Jarri kunis yoo xiqqaatee Somaliyan akka federeshanitti akka caaseffamtu Gaanfachaa turan. Biyya babal’achuu kajeeluun fi ofiifuu kan biyyicya irra adda bahuu kajeelu jiraachuun yeroo sanaa jalqabee hanga guyyaa har’atti itti fufee jira.
Fakkenya lammaffaa kaasuudhaan qaxbii kana gadi jabeessina. Xaliyaniin oggaa Itophiyaa ganna shaniif bulchite Tigray Eritreatti dabaltee bulchaa turte. Oggaa sirni bulchiinsa Xaliyan buqqifameetti humnoonni Eritrea garii Tigray qaama Eritrea taatee akka turtu dhiibbaa gochaa turan. Yeroodhuma sanatti sabni Beni Amer ammoo Eritrea irraa adda bahuudhaaf tattaafachaa ture. Fakkeenya akkasii kanneen biraas kaasuu dandeenya. Biyyoota Gaanfa Afrika danuu keessatti “biyya kiyya” waan jedhamu irratti falammiin akka jiru hubanna. Waldhabbiin kana irraa madde dhiibbaa gara garaa maddisiise.

Mirga Hiree Murteeffannaa

Dhiibbaa kanneen keessaa inni angafti gaaffiin hiree murteeffannaa ka’uu isaa ti. Waan Godinaa Gaanfa Afrikaa godinoota Afrikaa hafan irraa adda taasisu keessaa qaxbiin angafti ka’uu gaaffii kanaa ti. Biyyoota Gaanfa Afrikaa keessaa kan gaaffii kana hin keessummeessine hin jiru. Mirga hiree murteeffannaa gonfachuudhaaf biyyoota Gaanfa Afrika hunda keessatti qabsoon hidhannoo geggeeffamaa ture. Har’a geggeeffamaa jira. Qabsoon kun garii milkiidhaan xumuramanii jiru. Kan Eritrean geggeessaa turte, walabummaa Eritrea dhugoomsuudhaan bara 1993 keessa xumurame. Kan warri Sudan Kibbaa geggeessaa turanis walabummaa Sudan Kibbaa dhugoomsuudhaan bara 2011tti xumurame. Walabummaan biyyoota kanneen lamaanii addunyaadhaan fudhatamee jira. Kan fudhatama akkasii hin argatin hafe biyyi walabummaa labsate sadaffaanis ni jira. Kunis Somaliland dha.

Haala Somaliland booda itti deebinee ilaalla. Ammaaf kan Eritrea fi Sudan Kibbaa wajjin ha turru. Biyyootni kun lamaan walabummaa gonfachuun keessa isaaniitti fi isaanii fi olloota isaani gidduutti nagaan ni bu’a jedhamee hawwamaa ture. Haala har’a jiru yoo ilaalle garuu keessa isaanii nagaan hin jiru. Isaanii fi olloota isaanii garii gidduus nagaan hin jiru. Eritrea keessaa humnootni maqaa Kunamaa fi Affaariin sosso’aa jiran ni jiru. Sudan Kibbaa keessas sabootni hacuuccaa Dinkaa mormuu himatanii sosso’aa jiran ni jiru. Eritrea fi olloota isee hundaa gidduuttis waldhabbiin yeroo adda addaatti ka’aa ture. Sudan Kibbaa fi Sudan gidduus waldhabbiin itti fufee jira. Kanaaf, walabummaa gonfachuun ummatoota mirga hiree murteeffannaatiif qabsaawaa turan waan fayyade hin qabu. Nagaan hin buufneef. Mirga ambummaa hin dhandhamsiifne. Sadarkaa itti gaaffiin mirga hiree murteeffannaa ka’utu jijjiirame malee, gaaffichi deebii hin arganne.

Moyxannoon Somaliland faallaa kanaa ti. Gosootni Somaliland keessatti argaman Isaaq, Gadabursii, Dhulbahantee fi kanneen xixiqqoo hafan biraa ti. Isaan kana keessaa guddichi Isaaqi. Akka mootummaan Siad Barree garagaleen gosoota kanneen hundaa gidduutti lolli belbele. Dabalees, Isaaqotni ofiifuu adda babahanii wal lolan. Lola kana dhaamsuudhaaf, idda bu’ootni gosoota hundaa kora ji’oota baayy’ee fudhate dhugoomsan. Kora kana irratti Heera ittiin nagaadhaan waliin bulan tumatan. Heerri kun haala kanaan tumamuun nagaan akka bu’u taasise. Hanga har’aattis Somaliland keessa nagaan ni jira. Aangoon politikaas yeroo lamaa sadi filmaata dimokraatawaa ta’een humna aangoo irra ture irraa kan biraatti dabruu danda’ee jira. Godinaa Gaanfa Afrikaa keessaa biyyi dimokraatawaan Somaliland qofa jechuu dandeenya. Ummatichi sirna ittiin bulu tumachuu irratti kallachaan qooda qabaate. Sirnichi kan isaa ti. Ummatichis kan sirnichaa ti. Mirga ambummaa guutuu qaba. Somaliland fi Somalia hafe gidduu garuu walshakkiitu jira. Kunis mootummaan Somaloota hafanii Gaanfa deebi’ee tolfamee Somaliland dhuunfachuudhaaf kajeeluun waan maluuf.

Haalli ittiin Somaliland walabummaa isee gonfattee kan warra kaan lamaanii irraa adda. Qooda fudhatiinsa ummataatiin labsame malee hogganni ajaja ummataa jala hin jirre hin mirkaneessine. Somaliland akka biyyaatti walabummaa qaba. Ummatni isaas bilisummaa qaba. Moyxannoo warra hafee keessatti garuu biyyatu walabummaa qaba malee ummatni bilisummaa hin qabu. Walabummaa dhaadheessuu qofaan akka ummatichi bilisummaa hin Gaanfatne godhamaa jira. Kana irraahis waa baruu qabna. Walabummaan bilisummaa malee dhalachuu danda’a.

Falammiin Walxaxaa

Yaada dhumaa kaafnee xiinxala keenya ammaa xumurra. Sunis falammiin biyyoota Gaanfa Afrikaa keessatti deemaa turee fi jiru falammii isaan keessatti deemaa turee fi jiru wajjin walitti hidhamuu isaanii ti. Biyyoota Gaanfa Afrikaa addunyaadhaan beekaman keessaa kan falammiin sabootaa keessatti deemaa hin jirre hin jiru. Qorattotni haala kanaa nagummaan Gaanfa Afrikaa walxaxaa (complex) ta’uu ibsu. Sababa kanaaf, nagummaan biyya tokko kophaatti iggitii argachuu hin danda’u. Haala kana irraa mootummootni Gaanfa Afrikaa amala tokko horatanii jiru. Sunis, dhibdee biyya isaanii keessaa dhuunfachuudhaaf filmaata lama keessaa tokko filachuudha. Tokkoffaa, dhibdee keessa isaaniitiif biyya ollaa Gaanfatamaa taasisuudhaan ollaa balaaleffachuu dha. Kana irraa ka’uudhaanis mormitoota ollaa keessummeessuu dha. Imaammatni akkasii kudhanoota hedduudhaaf Gaanfa Afrikaa keessatti mul’achaa ture. Kun mootummootaa fi mormitoota ollaa gidduutti tumsa uumuudhaaf gargaaree jira.

Lammaffaa, tumsa mormitootaa kana irra mootummootni waliif tumsanii mormitoota dararuu dha. Imaammata isa lammaffaa kana ammatti akka gaariitti hojii irra oolchaa kan jiru mootummaa Wayyaanee ti. Kan Eritrea irraa kan hafee mootummoota hafan hunda wajjin hariiroo gaarii tolfattee jirti. Hariiroo diplomasy fi nagummaa qofa osoo hin taane kan ekonomys tolfachaa jirti. Kunis, mormitoota biyyoota ollaa keessatti qubsuma dhorkachuudhaa

Wayyaaneen Oromotaa lafa irraa duguguun itti fufee jira!

June 30, 2013 at 12:56 pm · Gadaa.com

Balaan waayyaaneen Oromoota Harargee bahaa ona anniyyaa irraan geese hammaachaa dhufaa jira. Hamma ammaati furmaani argame tokkolleen hin jiru. Aanaa Mulluqee mayyuuti namooni lafa isaani irraa buqa’an kuma hudduti lakkaawamu.Akkasumaas namooni amma dura Aanaa Minoo naannawa qumbi irraa arihataman akkuma qa’ee isaanii irraa baqa’anitti rakkoo cimtuu keessa jiru. Rakkoolee ummata kana irra gahaa jirtu keessaa hammi tokko, beelaafii dheebuuf saaxilamuu,Kan balaa beelaatiin dhukkubni irra gahe dawaa dhabuu, dahannoo aduufii roobaa (shelter) dhabuudha. Haali kuni hatattamaan furmaata argachuu yoo baate lubbuun namoota baayyee bahuuf deemti.Waraanni liyyuu police kan wayyaaneen oromootarrati bobbaafte ammaallee oromoota naannawa kanaa ajjesaa jiraachuutu himama.

Dhimmi kuni furmaata argachuutu irra jira. Oromoon isin hayyoota waa barate kana malee kan biraa kan rakkoo isaanii iyyatuuf hin qabdu. Gara VOAtiin Odeefatini Aaddee Jaalannee Gammadaa fii Obbo Namoo Daandii dhaan odeefatame hedduu gaariidha. Galatomaa! Rakkoon kuni ammallee itti fufaa waan jiruuf, jala bu’amee haalli amma achitti deemaa jiru kuni ammas yoo odeefatame ummata kanaaf gargaarsa guddaa hata. Odeefata Obbo Jalil Abdella Sagalee Oromiyaa irraa, Obbo Aana Fuad (Radio Hawaasa Oromo) duguuginsa shanyii oromoota ona Anniyyaa irrati wayaaneedhaan baname laalchisee jiraattota lafa isaani irraa buqqa’e waliin taasisan dhageefadha.